Oprah — Everybody Loves Me!! Even My Competition

October 20th, 2015 | by staff
Oprah — Everybody Loves Me!! Even My Competition
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1020-oprah-tmz-01Oprah is at the top of the weight loss totem pole, with so much swing even companies in head-to-head competition with Weight Watchers are praising O’s latest business move.

A rep for Nutrisystem tells TMZ, Oprah’s $ 43.2 million Weight Watchers investment helps everybody in the biz, saying, “We have a great amount of respect for Oprah and the spotlight she brings to the industry.”

Nutrisystem is confident it’ll keep its customers. The rep says, “It’s a very large market that requires multiple solutions to meet consumers differing needs and lifestyles.”

After O’s investment, the WW stock shot up more than $ 7, making her a cool $ 45 million … Nutrisystem saw a slight decline. Still … no hard feelings.


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