Michael Lohan Asks Judge to Ban Dina Lohan’s Book

November 30th, 2013 | by staff
Michael Lohan Asks Judge to Ban Dina Lohan’s Book
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Michael Lohan
wants 2 things to burn in hell … Dina Lohan and her book … a book he wants stopped.

Michael was contacted by Birdstreet Books this week, informing him Dina had written a tell-all and he was a featured player.  It seems Birdstreet wanted Michael to sign off, but not so fast — Michael said he wants to see what she wrote … line for line.

And Mr. Lohan reminded the publishing house … he and Dina are under a gag order, and that applies to books, so she can’t legally write trash about him.

Michael is as certain as certain can be … Dina’s not writing a love letter to him in the book, and unless he sees the draft and signs off, he’ll go to court to stop it in its tracks.


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