Judge Judy — El Nino Kicked My Jet’s Ass

January 18th, 2016 | by staff
Judge Judy — El Nino Kicked My Jet’s Ass
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0117-subasset-judge-judy-tmz-01Judge Judy has been grounded, but not for doing anything bad … her private jet was damaged thanks to El Nino.

The aircraft was parked at Naples Municipal Airport Saturday night when wind gusts soared to 80 MPH.  They uprighted the jet, apparently damaging the rear underbelly.

We’re told the winds pushed the front of the plane upward, sending fuel toward the back which caused the backside to hit the ground.

The wind patterns were not just strong but really freaky … other planes were damaged as well.

Judy and hubby Jerry live in Naples, and all sort of other great places.


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