Calvin Harris believes Taylor Swift started up with Tom Hiddleston in February

July 18th, 2016 | by staff
Calvin Harris believes Taylor Swift started up with Tom Hiddleston in February
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This weekend, The Sun had an interesting and insider-y story on Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. Think back for a moment to the glory days of early June. When Taylor and Calvin first split up, most of us gossip-watchers knew that there be would drama, because Tay and Calvin are equally petty and juvenile. But back then, did we know that it would get THIS bad? Did we know that Calvin and Taylor’s teams would be sniping back and forth at each other over whether Taylor cheated, etc? I don’t think anyone could have predicted this. The gist of this Sun piece is that Team Calvin says Taylor was likely screwing around with Tom for months before they went public. Team Taylor says Calvin was a sh—ty boyfriend anyway, so what does any of it matter? You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Calvin is going for the jugular. Calvin’s history with Rita Ora is being used against him: Calvin did damage to Ora’s career after she cheated on him and they broke up, and now sources claim he’s doing the same thing with Swift. A source said Calvin felt “emasculated” and “It was a secret that she wrote the song. The secret came out and her rep confirmed it and that pissed him off. He went for the professional jugular with Rita Ora and it seems he’s doing the same again. The way he handled the split up with Rita and was angry about that was going for the professional jugular, and it seems he’s doing the same again. You don’t kill someone’s career. That’s one step too far. That killed her album, not letting her release any of the stuff they produced for it. It takes two years to put an album together, and then to be left with no tracks? Everyone’s saying, ‘Where’s the music from Rita?’ It’s not good.”

Calvin wouldn’t attend the Grammys with Taylor. “There isn’t a better award you can get than a Grammy Album of the Year. It’s the ultimate accolade you can receive as a musician. If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t want to stand by your woman on an important night like that then you’ll also be the kind of guy that gets a bit pissed off when your woman’s getting toasted for the biggest track of your career for the past five years. Taylor was furious and hated the way he never wanted to attend award shows and big music industry events with her. It was a Sunday night in LA and she felt he could have slipped away for a couple of hours to be with her.”

Tiddles was happening in February? The Sun’s sources claim Calvin Harris believes that Taylor met Tom back in February and they were sort of carrying on for months behind Calvin’s back. Calvin is also pissed that Taylor only spent one day taking care of him in May following his car accident on May 20. A source says: “Taylor’s true colours are coming out. The truth is she met Tom in February and things are moving very quickly. She had vacated her relationship with Calvin way before she let on.”

Calvin won’t be played by Swifty. “Calvin only tweeted to defend himself. He has been nothing but lovely to Taylor, even publicly wishing her well, despite her fast romance with Tom. He was angry because Taylor had made it sound like he had been trying to hide her input on the song — when it was her who insisted they kept her writing secret all along.”.

[From The Sun]

Before a flame war starts flaming, let me just say that I think both sides (Team Calvin and Team Swifty) were well-represented in this piece, meaning that both Calvin and Taylor’s PR people and friends are engaging a thorough tit-for-tat. It’s not a case of “poor Taylor, Calvin is being so mean!” Nor is it “poor Calvin, Taylor is so powerful!” They’re both fighting. They both care. They both have an axe to grind. I do think the fact that Calvin didn’t come to the Grammys with Taylor was the beginning of the end for their relationship. I also think that there was overlap between the “the end of Calvin and Taylor” and “the beginning of Tiddles.” And as I keep saying… Calvin and Taylor are so well-matched, it really is a shame they couldn’t make it work.



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