Aidan Turner on the ‘rumors’ he’s being courted for 007: ‘There’s nothing in it’

September 1st, 2016 | by staff
Aidan Turner on the ‘rumors’ he’s being courted for 007: ‘There’s nothing in it’
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While Poldark fans absolutely know Aidan Turner, I get the feeling that most people aren’t crazy-familiar with him. Much like Benedict Cumberbatch circa 2010, Turner is on the cusp of bigger stardom, and the paparazzi haven’t completely caught up, which means there are rarely pap shots. These are photos of Turner from Wednesday, when he stopped by BBC Radio 1 for an interview to promote Poldark. He no longer has his thick, bushy beard, which he had earlier this summer. Do you like him better bearded or no-beard? I have mixed feelings. He’s pretty handsome both ways though. I think he looks younger clean-shaven.

He’s being photographed more these days, but that’s because he’s being pushed front and center to promote Poldark, and because his name is consistently mentioned as a potential candidate for James Bond. As we discussed on Wednesday, British outlets are getting feverish in the hunt for a new James Bond, and Turner’s name has appeared on many “dreamcasting 007” lists. It’s gotten so intense that Turner is being asked about it consistently too, which happened again during his Radio 1 interview:

Aidan Turner has slammed “rumours” that he’s set to be the next Jame Bond. The Dubliner, who has been rumoured to be the next 007 since early this year, has now dismissed the claims – because Daniel Craig hasn’t stepped down from the role yet. Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, Aidan aired his frustration at getting asked about James Bond every day.

“It’s just rumours, there is nothing in it,” Aidan said. “There is still someone else playing the role and that’s why I don’t like to talk about it. There is a James Bond.

“You’re chatting about someone else’s part, and Daniel Craig is well hard,” he added.

[From Goss]

Unlike, say, Tom Hiddleston, Turner doesn’t sound like he secretly wants the gig. Turner isn’t going to go on some massive Tiddlebanging campaign for Bond. I respect that. Plus, I do think he’s a little bit young for the Bond role – Turner is 33 years old, but he looks younger when he’s clean-shaven. That being said, it would be fun to have another Irish Bond.



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